National Trust of Guyana

Regional Monuments

Freemasons’ Hall

Location: Lacytown (Company Path) Georgetown Classification: Community Period/ Year Built: Circa 1906 Historical Background / Description: Freemasons’ Hall is

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Bishop’s High School

Location: Cummingsburg, GeorgetownClassification: EducationalPeriod/ Year Built: Established 1870, built 1946 Historical Background / Description:Bishop’s High School is located at

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Quamina Memorial Monument

Location: South Cummingsburg, Georgetown Classification: Commemorative Monument Period/ Year Built: 1985 Historical Background / Description: The Quamina Memorial Monument

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Independence Park

Location: South Cummingsburg, Georgetown Classification: Civil Landscape Period/ Year Built: Circa 1812 Historical Background / Description: Independence Park which

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Christ Church

Location: North Cummingsburg, Georgetown Classification: Religious Period/ Year Built: Circa 1834 Historical Background / Description: Christ Church is located

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