National Trust of Guyana

Region 10 – Upper Demerara-Berbice

National Monuments

Fort Nassau

Location: Fort Nassau, Upper Berbice  Classification: Historic Site (Archaeological)  Period/ Year Built: Established 1627  Historical Background / Description:  Fort

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Christianburg Waterwheel

Location: Christianburg, Linden  Classification: Engineering Structure  Period/ Year Built: Mid-19th century  Historical Background / Description:  Christianburg, located on the

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St. Matthew’s Church

Location: Christianburg, Linden  Classification: Religious  Period/ Year Built: 1898  Historical Background / Description:  St. Matthew’s Church is considered the

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Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice)

Soesdyke /Linden Highway

Location: Ameila’s Ward, Linden  Classification: Civil Infrastructure  Period/ Year Built: 1968  Historical Background / Description:  The Soesdyke/Linden Highway is

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Alumina Plant

Location: Mackenzie, Linden  Classification: Industrial  Period/ Year Built: 1961  Historical Background / Description:  The Alumina Plant at the time

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Cenotaphs (Mackenzie)

Location: Mackenzie, Linden  Classification: Commemorative Monuments  Period/ Year Built: 1968 & 1980s  Historical Background / Description:  The town of

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Watooka House

Location: Mackenzie, Linden  Classification: Residential  Period/ Year Built: Early 1900s  Historical Background / Description:  Watooka House commonly referred to

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Locomotives (Linden)

Location: Mackenzie, Linden  Classification: Engineering  Period/ Year Built: Unknown  Historical Background / Description:  During the Bauxite boom, locomotives (or

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Linden Hospital Complex

Location: Mackenzie, Linden  Classification: Medical/Social Services  Period/ Year Built: 1925  Historical Background / Description: The Linden Hospital Complex which

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