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Freemasons’ Hall

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Location: Lacytown (Company Path) Georgetown

Classification: Community

Period/ Year Built: Circa 1906

Historical Background / Description:

Freemasons’ Hall is located on Wellington Street, between North Road and Church Street, Lacytown, Georgetown. The Freemasons presence in Guyana can be traced back to the early 1770s and the oldest of the lodges’ is found in Georgetown. Georgetown’s Freemasons’ Hall was founded on April 20, 1813, and has occupied the current site since its establishment.
The current structure is believed to have been built circa 1906; the two-storey, timber, suspended building resembles that of a classical Greek temple mainly due to its imposing pediment and portico with the classical Doric columns. Neo-Classical features include the quoins found at the edge of the building walls, and the architrave found above the windows. Local colonial architectural features include: the wooden and iron brackets, shutters and short brick piers.