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Bishop’s High School

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Location: Cummingsburg, Georgetown
Classification: Educational
Period/ Year Built: Established 1870, built 1946

Historical Background / Description:
Bishop’s High School is located at Carmichael and Quamina Streets, Cummingsburg, Georgetown. The school was established as an all-girl school in 1870, and was originally located at Brickdam and Manget Place. The institution has its origins in the Anglican Church and during its early years, was merged with the De Saffon School. The school moved several times from the time of its establishment until 1921, when it moved to its current location at Carmichael and Quamina Streets.

In 1922, the institution was renamed Bishop’s High School in honour of Bishop E. A. Parry. In January 1936, Bishops High School was placed in the care of the colonial Government. The main three-storey timber building was completed and opened on January 5, 1946. In 1975, the school began admitting boys into the institution. Today Bishop’s High School is one of the leading secondary educational institutions in the country.