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Christ Church

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Location: North Cummingsburg, Georgetown

Classification: Religious

Period/ Year Built: Circa 1834

Historical Background / Description:

Christ Church is located on Waterloo Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown. The church was established in 1834 as a proprietary chapel and was formed by 16 former members of the St. George’s Cathedral who wanted a simpler form of worshipping than that practiced by the cathedral. 

Initially there were plans to have the new church constructed on Parade Ground, but this was not successful. The chapel was instead provided with two plots of land (171-172) on Waterloo Street, which was owned by Thomas Cumings; the said land was located opposite Parade Ground. The church building was completed in 1836, however, it was not licensed until 1837. The building which was described as unattractive, was consecrated on November 21, 1842, by Bishop William Piercy Austin.

The architectural style of the timber building is Gothic in nature and features a public clock which was rarely seen on religious buildings. Other notable features include: its pinnacles, battlement that takes on the appearance of a tower, ogival arched windows and pilasters.