National Trust of Guyana

Regional Monuments

Region 4 (Demerara-Mahaica)

Guyana National Museum

Location: Robbstown, (Company Path) GeorgetownClassification: CommunityPeriod/ Year Built: Established 1868, current building completed 1951 Historical Background / Description:The Guyana

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Bank of Guyana

Location: Robbstown (Company Path), Georgetown Classification: Governmental Period/ Year Built: 1966 Historical Background / Description: The Bank of Guyana

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Cenotaph (Georgetown)

Location: South Cummingsburg, GeorgetownClassification: Commemorative MonumentPeriod/ Year Built: 1923 Historical Background / Description:Located within the vicinity of Church and

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National Library

Location: South Cummingsburg, GeorgetownClassification: CommunityPeriod/ Year Built: 1908-1909 Historical Background / Description:The National Library is located with its main

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