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Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire Insurance Company

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Location: Robbstown, Georgetown
Classification: Commercial
Period/ Year Built: Established 1880, built circa 1893

Historical Background / Description:
The Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire Insurance Company limited (GTM), previously known as the British Guiana Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Ltd, was established in December 1880. It is located on Robb and Hincks Streets, Robbstown, Georgetown. The foundation stone was laid in 1893, for this single-storey masonry building which is considered eclectic in design, ranging from classical to Victorian forms of architecture. The building was completed in 1894, and is considered one of the best preserved structures in Guyana. During the early 1960s, an additional building to the south was added and minor renovations have occurred throughout the years. Features of the building include its basement; the gallery extended alongside the building, the pediment and round window; decorative brackets and Corinthian capitals.