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St. Aidan’s Anglican Church

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Location: Wismar, Linden 

Classification: Religious

Period/ Year Built: Established 1897, rebuilt 1969 

Historical Background / Description: 

St. Aidan’s Anglican Church was established in 1897 in Malai, a settlement located up the Demerara River. In 1913, the church was moved across the river to Wismar to its current location on Burnham Drive. 

The first church building at this location was originally a dance hall. The church was consecrated by Bishop Swaby in 1913, but was later dismantled and rebuilt in 1941. The second church, a colonial style building was dismantled in 1968, and the third church was built in 1969. 

The present and third structure was constructed at a cost of $60,000.00 and was consecrated on July 19, 1969 by Reverend Philip Elder. Architectural features of the church include its egg-shaped dome, elliptical shaped plan 22 metres (72 feet) by 17 metres (56 feet) and its towering spire 7.3 metres (24 feet) above the umbrella-shaped roof.