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Linden Hospital Complex (Mackenzie)

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Linden Hospital Complex (Mackenzie) is located on Casuarina Drive and consists of two buildings; the old and the new hospital buildings. In early 1900s the hospital was known as the Mackenzie Hospital. It was one of the major priorities of the newly formed Demerara Bauxite Company (DEMBA) and was built in May 1925 to provide improved medical services to the employees of DEMBA.

The old hospital is a single-storey structure built in 1925. It was constructed using timber with its front façade facing the Demerara River. The 88 metres (290feet) long two-ward hospital was initially designed to accommodate sixty beds and 56 patients; after minor additional provisions were made, the hospital was opened with 75 beds. This building is currently used as the administrative block of the hospital.