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Lake Capoey

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Location: Capoey, Essequibo Coast

Classification: Natural Site

Period/ Year Built: Not Applicable

Historical Background / Description:

Lake Capoey is located in the Amerindian settlement of Capoey. The village is situated behind the town of Anna Regina, the communities of Affiance and Taymouth Manor in the savannah region. The 9.3 square kilometres (2,299 acres) village was first inhabited by the Arawaks in the early 1900s. According to residents, the named Capoey was conceived when the first inhabitants witnessed for the first time, the moon appearing in the pitch black sky by the lake and then disappearing as day was beginning to break. Awe stricken by what they experienced, they shouted “Capoey!” and there after referred to the location as Capoey.

Access to the lake can be gained through Anna Regina, Suddie or Charity. To enter the village, a boat or canoe is needed to cross the lake. Residents mainly rely on lumbering for an income, but some engage in farming while others are into gold mining.