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Kitty Market

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Location: Kitty, Georgetown

Classification: Community

Period/ Year Built: 1925

Historical Background / Description:

The Kitty Market, located at the corner of Barr and Alexander Streets, was opened in 1925, by Sir Cecil Bunter Rodway. The opening ceremony was witnessed by a number of councillors who served in the first village council; among them was Mr. J.E Burnham, father of Guyana’s first Executive President, Mr. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. 

The market in its formative years served both the Kitty area and communities along the Greater Georgetown district. The Kitty Community Centre was located above the market. The building underwent a number of extensions throughout the years which resulted in it being extended along Shell Road. In early 2016, the Georgetown Mayor & City Council in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and guidance from the National Trust, started the process of rehabilitating the structure; this included retaining as much of the original features of the building.