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Patrick Dargan’s House

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Location: Bourda, Georgetown

Classification: Governmental

Period/ Year Built: Circa 1880s

Historical Background / Description:

Patrick Dargan’s House commonly known as Dargan’s House is located at Lot 90 Robb and Oronoque Streets, Georgetown. The building is believed to have been built in the 1880s and was first occupied by Mr. Patrick Dargan (1850-1908), a coloured politician who also held portfolios as a lawyer, legislator and publicist of a newspaper he edited, called “The Creole”. 

After Dargan’s death in 1908, the earliest records show that the building was occupied by J.L.W Goulding in 1929. The property was then passed on to Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Society in May, 1933. Later in 1940, the property was vested in the care of Mr. Dudley Howard and J.P Santos & Co. Ltd. brought the property in 1953; it served as the home of Mr. John Jardim, Managing Director of the company. In 1975, the property was sold to the Government of Guyana for the purpose of converting its dwelling space into a Museum of Social History, however, this never materialized. In January 1981, the Guyana National Commission for UNESCO occupied the building. The structure is built of wood in the traditional style and one of its special features is a grand staircase.