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Hosororo Falls

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Location: Mabaruma, Essequibo

Classification: Natural Site

Period/ Year Built: Not Applicable

Historical Background / Description:

Hosororo Falls is a series of rapid streams flowing down the Hosororo Hill; the word Hosororo means “pouring water”. The waterfall is located 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) from Mabaruma. The site is flanked by trees along its bank and is within close proximity to a small cocoa plantation. There are no defined trails to the falls. 

The site is not entirely natural since there are concrete features evident from an attempt, many decades ago, to construct a hydro-power device. This was done by pouring concrete to seal the porous spaces between the rocks at the peak of the waterfall. This narrowed the flow of water which ensured a satisfactory volume of water could be accumulated to pass through a propeller. The water was then pumped through metal pipes which are still visible at the site. This process had aided farmers significantly in the irrigation of their farms.