National Trust of Guyana

Monument Type: Region 1 (Barima-Waini)

Stephen Campbell Monument

The Stephen Campbell Monument is located a short distance away from the Heroes of Moruca Monument and pays homage to Mr.  Stephen Campbell. Mr. Campbell, on September 10, 1957, became Guyana’s first elected Amerindian Member of Parliament.

Heroes of Moruca Monument

The Heroes of Moruca Monument is located in Santa Rosa Mission, Moruca, Essequibo.  The monument was proposed by Mr. Basil Rodrigues, a retired schoolteacher to commemorate the accomplishments of Amerindians, who contributed significantly to the community and was completed by self-help in 1995.

Republic Arch, Wauna

The Republic Arch is located approximately 48.3 kilometres (30 miles) from central Mabaruma, in the village of Wauna. This hollow, iron arch was constructed in 1974 by the Government in commemoration of the country’s 4th Republic Anniversary.  The semi-circular arch spans the roadway and has the inscription “Mashramani 74” on it.

Kissing Rocks

The Kissing Rocks is located 3.2 metres (2 miles) from central Mabaruma. It can be found within the vicinity of the Mabaruma creek which leads to the Aruka River. Access to the site can be gained via a foot trail when accompanied by a local. In the Arawak customs, young people, who were engaged to …

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Hosororo Falls

Hosororo Falls is a series of rapid water falls flowing down the Hosororo Hill, the word Hosororo means “pouring water”. The waterfall is located 4 metres (2.5 miles) from Mabaruma in an area known as Warau. The site is flanked by trees along its bank and is within close proximity to a small cocoa plantation. …

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Mabaruma Stone Monument

The Mabaruma Stone Monument is located in the heart of the Mabaruma village. The structure was also signifies 100 years of progress in the Mabaruma North West District (1890 – 1990). It was unveiled by former President Hugh Desmond Hoyte on October 26, 1990. It also depicts the six races of Guyana evident by the …

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Cenotaph (Central Mabaruma)

The Cenotaph is located in central Mabaruma and was constructed of reinforced concrete. The monument commemorates those British Guiana soldiers who died in World Wars I (1914-1918) and II (1939-1945). On a yearly basis, wreaths are laid at the site in recognition of Poppy Day.