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Kissing Rocks

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Location: Mabaruma, Essequibo

Classification: Natural Site

Period/ Year Built: Not Applicable

Historical Background / Description:

The Kissing Rocks are located 3.2 kilometres (2 miles) from central Mabaruma. It can be found within the vicinity of the Mabaruma creek which leads to the Aruka River. Access to the site can be gained via a foot trail. 

In the Arawak customs, young people, who were engaged to each other, were encouraged to visit these Kissing Rocks to determine if their love would endure the test of time. The folklore can be interpreted from two perspectives. The first is to have the couple stand in front of the rocks. If the rocks moved from its kissing posture, the couple’s love would endure a life time. If it did not move, they were not meant to be life partners. The second way of determining if a young couple’s love would withstand the test of time is to have the couple stand on each of the two rocks. If they can lean over to kiss each other, their relationship would be a successful one.