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Blue Lakes and White Sands

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Location: Wisroc, Linden 

Classification: Recreational 

Period/ year built: 20th century 

Historical Background / Description: 

The Blue Lakes and White Sands are unique to the town of Linden. These man-made lakes were formed from vast valleys left behind once mining ceased in an area. The white sandy hilly terrain naturally occurs within the region. Linden is home to many of these lakes and they are considered a hub for recreational activities in the town. 

One popular lake is the blue lake found in Wisroc. This lake, like many others, can stretch long distances and can go as deep as 12 metres (40 feet). The surreal view of having blue waters in Linden and Guyana, generates debates on whether the water is actually blue. One theory indicated that the water is blue due to the reflective properties of the sand at the bottom of the lakes, the vegetation and the sky’s reflection.