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Umana Yana (Konashen)

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Location: Konashen, Essequibo 

Classification: Community 

Period/ Year Built: 2007 

Historical Background / Description: 

The Konashen Umana Yana is situated in Guyana’s first legally protected, community owned, conservation area, the Indigenous village of Masakenari, located in Konashen, South Rupununi. The benab was built by the Wai Wai people in 2007, to host a church conference held in the community. The structure now serves as a meeting place and is also used for social gatherings within the settlement. It is one of the largest benabs in the country. The benab was constructed from traditional techniques used by the Wai Wai people. Such techniques include the method of binding (thatching) leaves for the roof and the tying of the structural members with natural plant fibres.