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St. Rose’s High School

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Location: South Cummingsburg, Georgetown

Classification: Educational 

Period/ Year Built: Established 1867

Historical Background / Description:

St. Rose’s High School is located on Church Street, Cummingsburg, Georgetown. The school was established on August 31, 1867, by the Sisters of Mercy. It was originally an all-girls school and was opened with just 4 students. In 1869, a three-storey building was constructed with a dormitory to lodge the school’s growing population. In 1925, another three-storey building was built to house the school’s intake of 500 more students; during this period, the institution was dedicated as St. Rose’s High School. In 1933, the school made a decision to enrol female students regardless of their race or social background. 

In 1953, the dormitory was closed and work began on erecting a new structure to accommodate the increase in students the school was receiving; and on May 4, 1954, this building was officially opened and named the Marian Wing. In 1967, the Chemistry and Physics labs were constructed and by 1969, additional classrooms were built above these labs. In 1975, the school began accepting boys and the following year, it was placed into the care of the Government. In 2005, a Board of Governors was appointed to manage the affairs of St. Rose’s High School.