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Queenstown Masjid

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Location: Queenstown, Georgetown

Classification: Religious 

Period/ Year Built: Current Masjid construction started 2007 (not completed)

Historical Background / Description:

The original Queenstown Masjid (demolished in 2007) played a significant role in the faith of Islam in early Guyana. People of the Islamic faith, mainly Muslims from Afghanistan (Afghans) and the East Indian indentured servants were given the freedom to practice their faith openly during the colonial era. 

The first mosque was built in 1896, mainly of timber. By 1940, the building was repaired two times and enlarged to accommodate the growing Islamic population. Features of the mosque included two domes and arched windows; however, it did not have the traditional minarets (towers). A water fountain with a pool was located in front of the edifice. Palm trees and a number of flowering plants were used to landscape the property. 

That mosque was demolished in 2007 paving the way for the construction of a contemporary masjid. Construction of the new mosque started in 2011 and as of recently, it is still incomplete. With the continued growth in the Islamic base, the new mosque will continue to serve the spiritual, cultural, social and religious needs for the town of Georgetown.