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Rose Hall Town Monument

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Location: Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, Berbice 

Classification: Commemorative Monument 

Period/ Year Built: Mid-late 20th century 

Historical Background / Description: 

The Rose Hall Monument is located on the Rose Hall Town Main Road opposite of the Rose Hall Town Independence Arch. The monument is an honorary tablet erected in recognition of the former slaves who bought the settlement. The town is 22 kilometres (13.66 miles) from the municipality of New Amsterdam. The history of the township can be traced back to the year 1842, when approximately 52 former slaves on August 15, gathered on the lawns of the Great House in New Amsterdam to purchase a property whose legal description was as follows: “Upper ¾ of No. 9, situate on the Corentyne Coast and had no cultivation or building on it, bearing the name of Rose Hall”. 

Mr. Henry John Baird, the owner of the estate, in the presence of attorney Mr. J. Daly signed away ownership to Prince Ross, Saul Brush, Caspar Cupido, Robert Trouble, Jas Fingual, Billy Lewis, Daly Ault, Wellington Ault, Hope Ross, Thomas Harper, John Thomas, Crawford Charles, Wellington Benn, Peter Collins, Sampson Mourant, Samuel Thomas, Paul Lewis, Billy Rose, Wallace Mark, Charles Ault, Wilkey Douglas, Wilson Ross, Lewis Ross, Fairbairn Ross, Adam Ross, Harry Fincal, George Barry, Richard Dick, Peter Alexander, Sam Wal, Bartram Ross, Dinday Ross, Timothy Smith, Primo Cort, Sandy Haywood, Robert Cort, Sherwood Moore, Price Schrack, Roderick Merchant, Cumberland Adams, Soward Agnes, Sandy Mourant, Judy Simon, Thomas Layfield, Jeffery Simon, Blucher Pitt, Mary Bridgeward, Bobb Cort, Napper Cort, Trim Cort, David Ross and Robert Brown. The purchase was made final by the Chief Justice on August 26, 1842. 

The village attained its township status in 1970, and sometime later the monument was erected to honour those 52 former slaves. It was designed in the likeness of a tablet bearing the names of each of the former slaves and was unveiled in the presence of the Honourable J. Gutch GMG, OAG, the Chief Justice, B.F. Bell, Acting Colony Secretary J.L Fletcher among other dignitaries.