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Providence Hindu Mandir/Temple

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Location: Providence, East Bank Demerara

Classification: Religious 

Period/ Year Built: 1932

Historical Background / Description:

The Providence Hindu Temple is located in Providence along the East Bank Demerara highway. The temple, which was built in 1932, incorporates the use of traditional Indian architectural elements with European-Christian methods of constructing religious structures in the then British colony. 

The single-storey, octagonal shaped, timber structure has a relatively small sikhara (tower) when compared to Hindu temples in certain parts of India. The sikhara is centrally placed and is directly below the 9th panel of the ceiling. This location is considered the focal point of the Mandir and this is where the God Brahma, the creator deity of the Supreme Hindu triad is located. 

Other notable features of the ‘Indo-Creole’ temple include the intricate and decorative fretwork over the panels; its fenestration and stained glasses; the gallery areas; jalousies; the turned timber support and columns. The eight facades of the building were built similarly to the regents of the four cardinal points in a compass. Today, the temple serves as an eloquent reminder of the country’s colonial and eastern heritage.