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Prime Minister’s Residence

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Location: North Cummingsburg, Georgetown

Classification: Governmental

Period/ Year Built: Mid-19th century

Historical Background / Description:

The Prime Minister’s Residence is a mid-19th century colonial building located at Lot 52-53 Main Street, Cummingsburg, Georgetown. The building was built to accommodate Mr. Sandbach of Sandbach Parker and Company. 

In 1911, the building was sold to the business firm Booker Brothers Limited popularly known as Bookers. Booker was a London based company that owned most of the sugar plantations by the end of the 19th century in the colony and played a very important role in its economic development.

In 1953, the building was renovated to house the Chairman of the sugar company. By 1962, the building was sold to the British Government, later becoming the official residence of the British High Commissioner. In 1987, the building was sold to the Government of Guyana and later became the Official Residence of the Prime Minister. 

The timber building exhibits features of Victorian Architecture, a style that is tied to the Queen Victoria era. This style consists of elements of Gothic, Greek, Italianate and the second French Empire architecture. In the case of the Prime Minister’s Residence, it is mostly associated with the Italianate style of architecture. Features to suggest this include the building’s L shaped floor plan; its three-storey accentuated tower; low pitched roofs and its arched windows.