National Trust of Guyana

National Trust of Guyana

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Location: Cummingsburg, Georgetown

Classification: Governmental 

Period/ Year Built: 19th century

Historical Background / Description:

The National Trust of Guyana is located on Carmichael Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown. This three-storey timber building is a 19th century colonial structure that was part of the former Governor House, now State House, complex believed to have housed the offices of the Governors’ Secretaries. The Burrowes School of Art was also housed in the building prior to the National Trust’s occupation in 1999. Elegant examples of Demerara windows can be seen on this edifice. The National Trust was established in 1972, by an Act of Parliament to preserve and promote monuments in Guyana. The building, as of 2017, is shared by the agency and the Press and Publicity Department of the Ministry of the Presidency. It is sometimes referred to as the Valerie Rodway Building, recognising the contributions of Rodway, a teacher and musical composer best known for composing a number of national songs such as “O Beautiful Guyana”, “Hymn for Guyana’s Children” among others.