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Mount Roraima

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Location: Pakaraima, Essequibo .

Classification: Natural Site 

Period/ Year Built: Dates back 2 billion years 

Historical Background / Description: 

Mount Roraima, the highest of the Pakaraima Mountain range in South America, is a part of the ancient Guiana Shield. This mountain contains some of the oldest geological formations known to man dating back to almost two billion years. It was once part of Gondwanaland before tectonic activity separated the continents of Africa and South America. 

The mountain is known as a tepui, which describes a flat-topped mountain with vertical sides. Many waterfalls can be found within the mountain range. The highlands area mostly consists of sedimentary rocks that date back to 2 billion years or older; these rocks are considered some of the oldest sedimentary rocks on the planet. 

Mount Roraima spreads across the borders of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela, each border in excess of 400 metres (1,312 feet) high cliffs. Mount Roraima represents Guyana’s highest elevated plateau at 2,700 metres (8,858 feet). It is believed Maverick Rock with a height of 2,810 metres (9,220 feet) is the highest point within the mountain range.