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Ituni Masonic Temple

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Location: New Amsterdam, Berbice
Classification: Community
Period/ Year Built: Completed circa 1897

Historical Background / Description:
The Ituni Masonic Temple is located on Ferry Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice. It is the home to one of Guyana’s oldest fraternities, the Freemasons. The two-storey suspended timber structure was acquired on December 29, 1896, and was consecrated on September 20, 1897. Notable features of this building include its high tower with timber louvers and stained-glass windows. The building also has a fine display of intricately designed fretwork.

English Freemasonry started in Guyana during the 19th century, but encountered many complications throughout its development. The majority of the 19th century Masonic members were highly educated, financially well-off, exerted great influence and power in the colony and were seen as elites of the society.