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Hog Island Windmill

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Hog Island Windmill is located on the eastern side of Hog Island, approximately 14.5 kilometres (9 miles) from the mouth of the Essequibo River. This 18th century structure was the third windmill built by the Dutch during their occupancy of the Essequibo region. In 1768,  the windmill was built on Plantation Luyksberg. It was described as being 10 metres (34 feet) in diameter and 11 metres (36 feet) in height. The windmill sat on a 1.8 metres (6 feet) high mound and had a ramp which measured 14 metres (46 feet) in length. The wall of the windmill was 79 centimetres (30 inches) thick. It is assumed that the windmill was built with clay bricks that originated from Fort Kyk-Over-Al.  The windmill did not functioned very well and soon after the Dutch West India Company (DWIC) abandoned the concept of windmills on their plantations.