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Colgrain House

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Location: North Cummingsburg, Georgetown

Classification: Governmental

Period/ Year Built: Late 19th century

Historical Background / Description:

Colgrain House is a late 19th century colonial Great House whose name is derived from one of its previous owners, the Campbell Scottish family. The building is located on Camp Street, Cummingsburg, Georgetown. One of the earliest recorded owners of the property is Mr. Thomas Edward Jones, of Riverside Wharf Co. The property was later sold to LA Penitence Estates, in 1909. The structure was then sold on a number of occasions and in 1951, it was acquired by Bookers Holdings and called “Booker House”. 

Bookers Holding then sold the property to the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1975, it was sold to the Government of Guyana and was later used as the Official Residence of the Secretary-General to CARICOM, being officially addressed as Colgrain House. In 2015, the building was occupied by the Ministry of Public Telecommunications & Tourism and later just the Ministry of Public Telecommunications. 

Some architectural features of the three-storey mostly timber building include its masonry columns, high-pitched roofs, its decorative finials (on the roof) and Demerara windows.