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State House (Government House – New Amsterdam)

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Location: New Amsterdam, Berbice 

Classification: Governmental 

Period/ Year Built: Unknown 

Historical Background / Description: 

Government House, formally known as State House, is located on Strand Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice. The building was once the home of the Dafson’s Sugar Estate Manager during the period when the Dafsons owned and operated Blairmont and other sugar estates. The three-storey timber building is supported on large brick columns. One of the building’s prominent features is its bifurcated stairs, which was a typical feature seen on plantation Great Houses during the colonial era. Other features include the skylights at the gable ends, the decorative bargeboards, the large open verandah and Demerara windows. 

The building was used as the temporary residence for British Governors who travelled to the Berbice region. After Guyana gained its independence from Great Britain, the building was renamed State House and now serves as the temporary residence for Guyana’s Head of States, Ministers and other Government officials, once in the region.