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Independence Arch (Cummings Lodge)

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Location: Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown

Classification: Commemorative Monument

Period/ Year Built: 2017

Historical Background / Description:

The Independence Arch is a commemorative monument located in the community of Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown. Cummings Lodge, a suburb of Georgetown, is located 8 kilometres (4.97 miles) east of the capital city. The arch which was installed on the Rupert Craig Highway serves as a visual indicator of the boundaries of Georgetown (Cummings Lodge) and the East Coast (Industry). 

The arch was donated to the people of Guyana by Trinidadian company, Ansa McAl in recognition of the country’s 50th Independence anniversary. The 21.64 metres (71 feet) tall structure cost approximately $20 million. 

It was unveiled on May 13, 2017, by President David Granger and Executive Chairman of Ansa McAl, Mr. Norman Sobga. The arch is said to represent the integrity of the nation, diversity of origins of the six ethnic groups and the unity of the three former Dutch colonies: Essequibo, Berbice and Demerara. It also symbolizes the advancements Guyana and the Caribbean have made in the field of Engineering.