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Guyana Police Force (Eve Leary)

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Location: Eve Leary, Georgetown

Classification: Community 

Period/ Year Built: 19th century 

Historical Background / Description:

Eve Leary Barracks is one of many police barracks to have existed in the City of Georgetown, but the only one to defy the test of time. It is located at the corner of Barrack and Camp Streets. The barracks were completed in 1837 and was used as the official quarters of the military. 

The Heroes Monument is located in the compound of the Police Officers’ Mess, which is situated on Young Street, Eve Leary, Kingston. The Monument is a memorial to all Police officers, who died in the line of duty.
Located on the lawns of the Police Officer’s Mess is a pair of MKII cannons which were manufactured in Britain circa 1890. It is believed these cannons were issued to British Guiana in 1916 to be used as part of its coastal defence during the first World War (1914-1918).