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Chateau Margot Chimney

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Location: Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara

Classification: Engineering Structure

Period/ Year Built: 1889

Historical Background / Description:

The Chateau Margot Chimney is located in the community of Chateau Margot on the East Coast of Demerara; it is approximately 12.8 kilometres (8 miles) away from the city of Georgetown. The date, July 1, 1889, was inscribed on the clay brick structure, making it one of the oldest chimneys in the country. It was a part of a larger structure on the sugar plantation and supposedly one of three chimneys. 

The chimney was believed to have been built by a Buxtonian brick layer named Mr. Antonio Gordon. The edifice while functioning as a chimney also served as a beacon for incoming ships heading to Georgetown due to its height. The British Government during the 20th century bought the chimney since it considered the structure to be of importance to the country; it was later handed over to the Government of Guyana when the country gained its independence. Today, the red clay brick chimney represents a part of Guyana’s tangible cultural heritage.