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Bauxite Plant (Bosai Minerals Group Guyana)

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Location: Mackenzie, Linden 

Classification: Industrial 

Period/ Year Built: Circa 1917 

Historical Background / Description: The Bauxite Plant, located on the eastern side of the Demerara River, was built circa 1917 after the establishment of the Demerara Bauxite Company (DEMBA). For some time the town was synonymous with the word Bauxite due to the economic strides it brought to the township. 

Found within the northern boundary of the Plant, is the Mechanical and Utilities Store (M.U Store) which was previously known as the Ration Store. This store was established in 1924, as a commissary store and later in 1945, ran as general store. The entity was managed by Messrs. Sprostons Limited and provided the mining community with its daily rations via company-issued tickets from the Bauxite Plant. 

From 1947-1954, the store changed management three times. In 1964, it was merged with the Bauxite Plant’s Stores and Purchasing Department which was later renamed the Mechanical and Utilities Store and underwent some extensions. Today, the M.U Store is used as a warehouse for Bosai, a Chinese company that took over operations of the Bauxite Plant in 2007.