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Albouystown Hindu Temple

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Location: Albouystown, Georgetown

Classification: Religious 

Period/ Year Built: 1923

Historical Background / Description:

The Albouystown Hindu Temple is located at the corner of King Edward and James Streets, Albouystown, Georgetown. It is the first Hindu temple to be built in the city of Georgetown. The temple was built during the period when Indentured servants, particularly East Indian immigrants did not practice their faith openly due to inadequate facilities provided to them. 

Pandit Ramsaroop Maraj, a descendant of indentured immigrants was instrumental in the establishment of the temple. Mr. Maraj is also accredited with the establishment of the Hindu Religious Society which was formed on April 21, 1921, with the aim of operating a temple, school and Dharma Shala in the Albouystown area. The cornerstone for the temple was laid in 1922 by the Pandit and by 1923 the temple was completed. 

The building is considered to be of a “Christian-Creole” architectural style due to its close similarity with Christian churches found within the colony at the time. The building exhibits fretworks, pointed arch windows among other Christian oriented features. While the building did not exhibit the physical characteristics of traditional Hindu temples found in India; it served the purpose of providing solace to those who wished to practice their faith.