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African Liberation Monument

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The African Liberation Monument was unveiled on August 26, 1974, ‘Namibia Day’ by former President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham in memory of those who have struggled and continue to struggle for freedom from human bondage. George Henry was the architect of the monument which consists of five (5) polished ‘bull-forehead’ greenheart poles encased in a jasper stand on a granite boulder. The varying heights of the logs are representative of the different ages of the freedom fighters, the slab of granite is indicative of the strength of the freedom movement, and the pebbles at the base of the monument symbolize the millions of people involved in the fight against human bondage. 

This monument was restored in 2008, by the National Trust of Guyana and subsequently in 2016 through the collaborative efforts of the then Ministry of Public infrastructure and the National Trust of Guyana. It was gazette as a National Monument in April, 2021.