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1763 Monument

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The 1763 Monument, also known as the ‘Cuffy Monument’, is located on D’Urban Park at the eastern end of Brickdam at its intersection with Vlissengen Road.  The structure was unveiled by then Prime Minister Burnham on May 23, 1976, for Guyana’s 10th Independence anniversary. This Monument commemorates the 1763 Rebellion that began on Plantation Magdelenenburg in the county of Berbice on February 23, 1763. It was designed by sculptor Philip Moore and its plinth by architect Albert Rodrigues, both Guyanese.

Some noteworthy features include the pouting lips of the face of the stylized human figure which symbolizes defiance and resistance to oppression. The shield-like face on the chest represents a spiritual guard against enemies while, in the hands of the figure, are a pig and dog being squeezed, symbolizing triumph over greed, lust, and ignorance. The map of Guyana carved on the back represents unity among all people of Guyana.