National Trust of Guyana

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Volume 1.4 – Dec 2002

Monument Watch Bourda Cemetery Beneath the shadow of rugged palm trees, tall green grass and shrubbery are the tombs of men and women who can be identified in one way or another with important events of Guyana’s history.  This was a private cemetery owned by Joseph Bourda, one of the most notable personas in the …

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Volume 1.3 – Oct 2002

MONUMENT WATCH THE LIGHTHOUSE Lighthouses are essentially structures from which  light is projected to guide seamen safely towards a harbour or port. Towering 103 feet over Water Street and the roofs of many civic and residential buildings is the Lighthouse. A beacon along the East Coast circa 1806 was first used as a guide, for …

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Volume 1. Issue 2. July 2002

MONUMENT WATCH THE CENOTAPH A Cenotaph is a funerary monument raised to the memory of the deceased. Unlike a mausoleum it never holds the ashes or remains of the dead. Located opposite the Bank of Guyana at the southern end of Main Street, Georgetown, our Cenotaph  is a memorial  to all Guyanese soldiers who died in …

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