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Monument Type: Historic Kingston

Monument to Fallen Heroes

The Monument to Fallen Heroes is located in the compound of the Police Officers’ Mess, which is situated on Young Street, Eve Leary, Kingston. The Monument is a memorial to all Police officers, who died in the line of duty.

Guyana Marine Turtle Monument

The Guyana Marine Turtle Monument promotes Guyana’s natural heritage by depicting a newly hatched leather back turtle emerging into the world. The monument was unveiled in 2001 by the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society.

Colona House

Colona House, established in 1945 was the first catholic hospital in the city Georgetown. The   Catholic central committee purchased a private nursing home together with the existing equipment from a Dr. Romiti to be used as a hospital. The hospital was named St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital. Colona House was destroyed by fire on May …

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Kingston Methodist Church

Kingston Methodist Church was opened in 1831 at Kingston as a branch of  Trinity  in Werk-en-Rust.  The churches were established in consequence of the early efforts of the first Methodists that arrived in the colony to educate  the enslaved Africans.

Kingston Seawall

The Kingston Seawall is the oldest portion of the seawall that stretches across Guyana’s coast. It was designed by Dutch engineer, Hora T. Siccama and completed with circa 1874. This wall however, was not the first attempt of building a permanent sea defence wall but was the first to withstand the strength of the sea.

Seawall Bandstand

The Seawall Bandstand, located on Seawall Road, Kingston Georgetown was erected circa 1903 as a memorial to Queen Victoria, who died on January 22, 1901. The bandstand is one of three bandstands in the city of Georgetown which were built with cast iron decorative ornaments. It was also the social hub for musical events and …

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Austin House

Austin’s House, a 19th century colonial building previously known as Kingston House is located at the junction of High and Barracks Streets, Kingston, Georgetown. The building was renamed in 1892, after the first Anglican Bishop of Guyana (British Guiana), William Piercy Austin. The building within recent years was rehabilitated by the Dioceses of Guyana and …

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The Lighthouse, located on Water Street, Kingston, Georgetown is the second of two Lighthouses to be built at its current location. The foundation stone of the current structure was laid in 1830, and was considered a shore station built to withstand high winds rather than waves due to its inland location. The Lighthouse is the …

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British Military Cemetery

The British Military Cemetery is located at the junction of Young Street and Rabbit Walk, adjacent to the Police Headquarters in Eve Leary, Georgetown. The cemetery was developed when the British Government brought the Eve Leary area for 47,374 guilders in 1824. The area was used to bury military officials regardless of their rank. Walter …

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Round House

The Round House was built in the 19th century and is believed to have been used as an observation point for incoming ships to Georgetown. It was erected near the site where Camp House once stood before the great flood Kingston in 1855. The structure was rehabilitated in 1995.